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logIQDoc - Enterprise Document Management System

We now live in a world where chasing the information that you need has become increasingly a dead-end pursuit. Use the logIQDoc™ and make the documents work for you.

       logIQDoc™ is an electronic document management system of the next generation, which systematically manages and utilizes the unstructured digital information from inside and outside the company.

       The simple yet powerful features of logIQDoc™ automates and simplifies the management of documents throughout their entire life cycle (Capture, Create, Classify, Share & Protect, Retain, Archive and Destroy) of critical business documents and records. logIQDoc™ will also reduce your risk and costs associated with a growing number of regulatory compliance.

       logIQDoc Enterprise Document Management System v.1.x has been tested and meets the criteria for the Microsoft "Platform Test for ISV Solutions" program: Platform Test: Windows Server + Managed Code + SQL Server 2005 + Web services and .NET Framework. Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.

Module logIQDoc

       If you implemented a document management solution that only helped you locate documents easily in your organization, that alone would provide huge savings. But why stop there? Now let's say you are able to find documents quickly. There are still some issues to address:

  • How do you know that the document you found is the most current and accurate version ?
  • There are hundreds of embarrassing stories about wrong documents getting to customers, users or vendors. Can you think of instances where something like this could make you lose an account, or damage a relationship with one of your customers, partners, or vendors ?
  • In light of recent developments, do you know if you are in compliance with regulatory rules regarding document capturing and retention? Is your business-critical information floating around in unsecured laptops, instead of a centralized repository with airtight security ?
  • Are your most important documents stored where they're not readily available, or are they stored where they can be securely retrieved from anywhere where there's an Internet connection ?
  • How do you know when critical information in your organization changes? If you depend on others to give you the information, you may never know.
  • Are you willing to trust emails and hallway conversations as a means of distributing mustknow information ?