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Advanced search

The "Advanced Search" screen allows users to specify multiple search criteria to search through milions of documents stored in logIQDoc™ and find the ones you need in a matter of seconds.
You can combine full-text search, with other criterias like name, user, status and a lot more. After searching, you can further refine your search by searching only into your last result.
The "Excel like" filtering allows you to further filter your results, order by the columns, ecc.

General menu options - quick overview

logIQDoc™ provides all the standard features of Document Management systems, and a lot more.
This is a quick overview of the most common features, and it just scratches the surface of the available ones.

Checkin/Checkout of documents

See how you checkout a document for modifying, and then check the document back into the system.
By using the checkin-checkout method, you insure that no other user can modify the document while you are working on it.

Recovering deleted documents

logIQDoc™ implements two levels of recovery: the deleted documents are recoverable by the user itself, since the document is non actually deleted but moved to the user recycle-bin.
Once the user empties his recycle-bin, the document is not actually deleted, but moved again to the domain recyclebin where it can still be recovered by the system or domain administrator.


Now, it's easy to see what happenned with a certain document. Audit feature displays a list with all actions and users that modified your document,helping you to comply with various regulatory rules and internal policies.

Load from zip

You can bulk-upload a structure of documents and folders very easy, by using Upload From ZIP feature.
The entire structure will be expanded and imported into logIQDoc™.

Send email with documents/groups

The Send Mail feature allows sending documents/groups directly from logIQDoc™.
You can further enhace the security of the valuable information from your organization by sending only links to documents and groups that only authenticated users can download, without the risk of storing important documents on email servers that you don't controle.

Enforce policies by using the advanced group rules.

Group Rules are a set of parameters that extend the functionality of regular groups.You can use 'Group Rules' to alter the default behavior of groups. A list of group rules you can set are listed below.
Group rules override security settings allowing the enoforcement of organizational policies (ISO retention, etc).

User profile

The user (or the administrator) can manage the user profile. Any user can change the prefered language, the email format, the number of elements in a page of the list, the notification mode and change its password.